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GoogleTreks™ for
Middle School Kids



  • NEW Symbiotic Relationships by Kent Tibbitts(Southern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program)
    This GoogleTrek™ explores the close relationship between two organism in which at least one of the organisms benefits.
  • Famous Scientists by Brittany Jimenez
    This GoogleTrek™ introduces amazing scientists and what they have done for our civilization.
  • Galileo Galilei by Brittany Jimenez
    This GoogleTrek™ takes you through the life of the famous scientist and inventor, Galileo Galilei.
Earth and Space Science
Language Arts


The following GoogleTreks™ accompany novels for Middle School Learners:

Social Studies
  • NEW - Greeks & Romans
    This GoogleTrek™ by Ruben Montoya is designed for 6th grade Social Studies Students. Take a journey into the lives of Ancient Greeks and Romans. Learn about the daily lives of Greeks and Romans. At the end of this journey you will create a presentation explaining how society today was influenced by the Greeks and Romans.
  • United States Congress by Dr. Alice Christie
    This GoogleTrek™ is designed for middle school students studying the function and formation of the United States Congress. Students of multiple learning styles will learn about the Legislative Branch of the US Government through text, images, and video.
  • The Seeds of Discovery and Change by Dolores Salisz
    This GoogleTrek™ explores the dynamic events and places that helped shape what the New World was to become.
  • Tuscaloosa Math by Dr. Alice Christie
    This GoogleTrek™ is designed for middle school students and focuses on using the four mathematical operations needed to solve real-world problems. Students travel to various locations within Tuscaloosa, Alabama, use the built-in measuring tool to gather data, and then create scale drawings based on the data collected.
  • NEWAncient Egypt by Cassandra Bezoski, 5th Grade Art Teacher (Southern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program)
    From Las Vegas to Egypt: Get your art passports ready, it's time to fly! In this travel experience you will visit the country of Egypt and view it's culture and art! This web 2.0 art lesson is aimed for the 5th grade level

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